The Kobold Boat. 3cyl Magirus Deutz Diesel Air cooled with a Hurth Gerabox.

This boat was always on the verge of sinking.The owner didn’t care for it so much.

We needed a boat to transport someone in a wheelchair who lived with us on our island.

So we got use of the boat if we fixed it up.

We didn’t just fix it , we gave it a total overhaul, as you do. Plus i built a 1 ton scissor lift into a wheelchair lift with fold out ramp to meet the height of the jetty regardless of the water level.

We also pepared it for drving through the ice.

The gearbox that was in it was knackered, even though i stripped it and replaced all the bearings the friction plates were getting hot and it would slip. I got my hands on another gearbox in the end but the ratio wasn’t suitable for ice breaking.