Father and son projects in my house are always good as we like the same things..

My son wanted to build a little go-cart to play on . I thought i will help him by looking for old some wheels and a steering wheel. After finding a complete cart with a non working engine for very cheap we scratched our heads then decided to fit a 125cc four stroke motorbike engine with 5 gears and an electric start.


I didn’t take all the fun away from my son , he stripped the motorbike and removed the engine all on is own. I simply made a funky adapter plate to install the engine on, then hooked up the bike sprocket and chain to a taper lock sprocket on the rear axle.. Oh yes also some nifty wiring and installed another tank plus i needed to add my own vacumm pump for the fuel of course, not forgetting the battery holder and new steering wheel…did i mention the custom gear linkage i had to build plus i needed to figure out the clutch lever too.

Here are some videos as i forgot to make any picturees whilst building it.