This is one boat build that i will never forget, This was months of welding and literally hard grinding.

The hull is riveted steel from the 1920’s.We picked this up for 1000Euros and it was in a right mess. We stripped off all of the rotten material and we were left with a rusty lovely looking hull.

After is sat outside of the wshop for a couple of years the time came where it was needed. After restoring the Kobold the owner started to use it himself more often and he started to neglect it again and basically trashed it, so i decided to fix up my own boat.

This was also built for the purpose of giving Beke freedeom to leave the Island in here wheelchair and have a boat trip for longer periods of time regardless of the weather.


It had the 1 ton scissor lift and wheelchair ramp in the back deck. Then inside the cabin there is a second wheelchair hydraulic lifter to take the wheelcahir downstairs into  a dry cosy cabin with kitchen and a bed to lay down on.

I fitted another lifter in there to be able to lift Beke out of the wheelchair onto the bed. We never used this lifter in the end but it was there just in case.

Masive thanks to Scholze ,Bill ,Max, Lard , Maik and his mate for all there help.

The pictures explain the rest.


                                                                                Huge thanks to Frank, Bill ,Max , Maik and Mr B.